The Remedies, Picador 2016

ISBN 978-1-5098-1305-6

"There is so much to praise about the writing: clarity, generosity and grace. Katharine Towers writes with a marvellously gentle wit and a metrical intelligence."

- The Observer



Katharine Towers' second collection is a book of small wonders.

From a house drowning in roses to crickets on an August day,
from Nerval's pet lobster to the surrealism of flower remedies,
these poems not only explore the fragility of our relationship
with nature, but show what that relationship can aspire to
be: each poem attunes us to another aspect of the natural world,
and shows what strange connections might be revealed when
we properly attend to it. The Remedies is a lyric, unforgettable
collection which offers just the spiritual assuagement its title
promises, and shows Towers emerging as a major poetic talent.


The Floating Man, Picador 2010

ISBN 978-0-330-51159-9

The Floating Man "An ambitious, powerful and memorable debut. It's their intelligent and honest insights, always intent on offering a fresh outlook, that lend these quiet poems their tenacity."

- The Guardian

"The Floating Man has a depth of vision rarely found in debut collections. .. A fine technician, Towers responds to her subject matter with a restful directness and sure, light musical forms."

- PBS 

"Katharine Towers creates a beguiling internal coherence through her use of music. It infuses her work as solid subject and in the rhythm and lilt of her silvery lines."

- Poetry Review

"There is a beguiling ascetic quality to Katharine Towers' debut collection."

- Financial Times